Guest Post for Little House in Chicago

Last Friday, Chris and I renewed our vows. It was by no means a big production. In fact, it was a spur of the moment thing brought to us by Reunion Weekend at ND. I heard the ding! ding! on my phone, read, "2:45 tomorrow - Basilica, Reunion Renewal of Vows with Fr. Rocca," and that was that.

(How awesome is it that this is offered at a college reunion?)
I was saved by Becca who graciously offered to stay at home with Ryan when I could only find one shoe for him and was already running late so it was a real, live date with my husband! The main section of the Basilica was full of married couples, and the ceremony really was lovely. After we all renewed our vows, Fr. Rocca asked who had been married 25+ years, 30+ and so on. We just happened to be sitting next to a couple who had been married the second longest of all those there - 64 years and 11 months! Chris leaned over to tell them, "Congratulations!" and the wife smiled and kindly asked how long we had been married. We both laughed sheepishly, "Two years!"

Well, Tess doesn't seem to mind that two years are seconds compared to 65 years because she graciously asked me to write a guest post about marriage for her cozy and sweet blog, Little House in Chicago, while she and Frank celebrate their nuptials with a  honeymoon in Rome!

So if you also are okay with two years not being 65 years, click it and read about my lack of expertise, but abundance of ellipses