7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary, of course.


Cheese. Fries. Macaroni and cheese. Tamales. Chicken salad sandwiches. Those were all what I call womb service for Ryan. Now that I am in the midst of providing service again for a wee womb one, savory items are once again monopolizing my food brain.

The almost daily conversation at our house goes like this:
"Do you want macaroni and cheese?" I toss the idea to Chris.
"Yeah, me neither."
"Yes, you do. You just don't want to eat it alone."

Hmph. That man is wise and knows his wife. So now I would like to invite all of you to join in a Womb Service link-up starting on Monday so I'm not alone in my pregnancy craving feast. What do you love? What can't you stand?

Roll call. 

Full term and beautiful, Alexandra, you better participate. Hilarious Ana, did you have the same cravings for all three of your equally hilarious and talkative girls? Did the twins send you for the opposite of what your craved John Paul and Cecelia, lovely Rosie? Grace, great mom and master of the written quip, did Julia command womb service or was the Bash the demanding one? Role model Dwija, is your strong Nicholas steering you toward something in particular? Anna, who should be a full-time maternity model, what is your fully cooked baby sending you out for? How about you, Christy, wonder woman mom of five six and under who somehow manages to read voraciously and compose coherent blog posts while I post lists of what is in my purse? What has been helping you with your hyperemesis gravidarum, Michelle who always looks glowing when I would look like death if I were always nauseous? Wise and classy Hallie, intelligent, funny and inspiring Jen, Better than Brooklyn Decker in What to Expect When Expecting Sheena, had her Sebastian thirteen minutes after arriving at the hospital Martha,  blows my mind with three who are three and under and she cloth diapers and doesn't eat processed food Martha, makes me feel super lazy with her running Kate, mother to Mikey, beautiful and sweet Francine, sprightly mama-to-be Stephanie, another kind mama-to-be Stephanie!, superbly honest and a mover and a shaker Cari (check our Operation Laundry Room for Dwija!), master cook Elizabeth, best balcony view and laugh inducer Jen, another one who makes me feel like a couch potato, sweet Colleen? Laura, mother to her five boys, what were were craving? I can't believe how much you get done in a day, Ashley, you always look put together and your house is always spotless Marjorie, pretty, pretty Laura who is the mother of Mary Margaret, superhero-tucking-in Rachel, Joy who is a joy in the morning, any of the fabulous McSisters, adorable Lauren, lovely Emily, mother of twins Sarah, makes me laugh Maia, Hannah with the cute Hannabert, and ranching and beautiful Britt?

Dish your dishes, ladies.  

Not yet hosted a sweet babe in your belly? You can still share away! 
 I know this will probably end up causing me to crave a million things at the same time, but I am willing to risk it. Is Chris? We will see. 

Check back on Monday after I have figured out this linker-upper business.

2. This has been happening almost every night instead of a bath or shower.since Chris splurged on this ten dollah sprinkler.  It takes care of his mess of poor eating etiquette all while making me want to take a million pictures. Someday we will move it to the grass.

3. And now the opposite end of getting clean. The storms rained puddles this week, which caused this

which led to this

and a walk of not shame home in the stroller.

4. We had an stay-in date night last Saturday and watching Silver Linings Playbook. Quirky, but super funny! Not going to spoil it...even though probably everyone has seen it since I am always the last to see movies. For example, I just watched the Indiana Jones movies for the first time a month or two ago. I know.

5. And now I am watching This Means War because I have horrible taste in movies and don't mind romantic comedies, Chris is doing work next to me and calling every thing before it happens. It's true; these movies are terribly predictable, which is probably why I like them.

6. This morning I went in and out of Target in twenty minutes. I didn't know I was capable of that.

7. I am meeting my friend's baby today and I can't wait!!

Head on over to Jen for some better ones, as always.