20 Weeks with Krakens

Krakens, Jailbreak 7s, Summer 2013
Happy Weekend!

We spent the day in Joliet, IL watching the Krakens, Chris' social rugby club made up of all the best men in Chicago (guys who drive to the hospital in the middle of the night through a snowstorm to see a baby) and the rest of the USA, play in the Jailbreak 7's tournament.  I love summer rugby. I'm sure the fact that I (out-of-shape-weak-me) am not the one sprinting up the field and tackling people helps with this summer love, but I truly enjoy watching Chris getting to play his favorite sport. I hope that old man (he was the oldest on the team today) can play for years and years to come. The boys played well and are all warmed up for the next tournament in a couple of weeks!

Ryan pretty much had the best day ever since he got to be surrounded by balls, food, he was outside all day and he had twenty or so people to entertain. He loves our friends, and it is quite adorable to see them be helicopter friends when we, the parents, are the opposite of choppers as Grace would call them.

I looked like the best mother ever because Ryan was topless for the first hour or so of the tournament. Our washer was being temperamental and not draining and I had just so happened to wash pretty much every item of clothing that fits him last night. Drying did not prove to be very fruitful since the clothes were soaking so Ryan got to experience some shirt-free time when we got to the tournament and the shirt had still not dried which led to this I've-got-it-all-together-not photo of Ryan half-clothed, half-shoed, wearing my hat backwards, clutching a rugby ball and balancing on a post. 

I proved myself right and sadly got fried despite applying sunscreen one-hundred-minus-ninety-seven times. It may not seem like it, but skin matches both my maiden name and my married name. Chris applied sunscreen less than I do, has no tasty olive tone to his skin and didn't burn. Doesn't make any sense! Fortunately, my multiple attempts at wrestling that little Ryan-calf of mine and covering him in sunscreen were fruitful, and he escaped the day with only a teensy bit of red on the back of his neck. 
Dad's cheerleaders for the summer.
Trying to get fit so he can join Dad on the field
My summer rugby counterpart and Chris'
Family of four. The big brother already thinks he is too cool to be seen taking photos with Mom and Dad.
My little pregnancy app gave me my weekly notification that I am twenty weeks today. Baby is about the length of a banana, which I am very familiar with since Ryan became obsessed with rubbing one all over his car seat today. Rookie mom. I hope to start updating more about this pregnancy since I really haven't shared much. This baby has just been treating me and his or her hotel womb so well there isn't much to share week to week so far other than how excited we are, but I think things will pick up as the weeks go along. 

Was I able to avoid being Kim Kardashian even though I wore floral? I hope so because I want to repeat this outfit especially since I have the burn-please-turn-to-tan lines to match it.