What I Wore Sunday with Ryan Gosling and Firmoo

Happy Sunday!

We had our own little Mass miracle yesterday when our little rascal allowed us to stay inside the Basilica for 97% of the Mass. I'm still floored. He only had to be taken out three times for probably less than a minute at a time. Once for yelling quite loudly, "May! May! May!" (Mary) at the  stained glass window, once for just being Ryan (read: loud), and once for exclaiming, "Da-da! Da-da!" when Chris went up to the altar. I almost didn't know even know what to do with myself!This behavior may have occurred because Becca, my brother-in-law's girlfriend came with us, and if it is...Becca, you are never not coming to Mass with us again. (half-joking ... )

After Mass, we stopped by the grotto and then the lake to see the geese and ducks. The little goslings that Chris used to see waddling around behind their mother goose are now teenage goslings although they aren't as skinny as Alan in Remember the Titans. Ryan enjoyed staring at them, and I enjoyed the fact that a scene of Ryan (and) Gosling(s) was in front of me. 

These photos actually are from today even though we went to Mass yesterday because 1) I failed to take a photo yesterday and 2) when I find an outfit that fits and somehow evades the avocado hands that run amok around here on the first day, you can bet I will wear it again the next day. 
Maxi Skirt: Family Dollar. Wedges: Kohl's ages ago. Blouse: J. Crew Factory Store. Glasses: Firmoo.

When I was in college, I would sometimes wear my glasses while studying in busy places even though I didn't need them to see up close because I had this weird notion that they kind of transformed me into a girl who could endlessly focus. Glasses = over the counter concentration meds. Ha! I wasn't fooling anyone. Well, now I have a new pair that I maybe I can attempt to use to force myself to focus on reading the board book of the day.

The kind people at Firmoo generously offered me a prescription pair of glasses in exchange for a review. I had a hard time choosing from all of the choices, but I ended up choosing these frames in black matte, and I am very pleased! I couldn't go for the glasses that everyone else seems to be wearing these days because I just can't turn my back on the childhood Katrina who constantly and annoyingly asked my practical dad why he wore his issued glasses (duh...they were free). The frames I chose are a bit wider on my face than I was expecting, but I didn't take advantage of the Virtual Try-On System, which was silly on my part. Nevertheless, I still really like the style, and I am very happy with how they hold up against Ryan's curious hands.

Firmoo offers a first-pair-free-program where you only pay for shipping! What pair would you choose?

As a bonus, Firmoo is offering a 30% off coupon code to my readers! The coupon code is valid for one month and is not valid on the designer frames. Just enter FLOWERSBLOGE2 at the checkout. Enjoy!

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