Likes and Shares

Likes and shares around the world wide web. 

- This YouTube video of a toddler losing the battle with sleep while he tries to eat his chicken nugget is stomach-cramping hilarious and so adorable. Well, at least I thought so. See for yourself!

- I thought Natalie's idea to cross-stitch little hoops commemorating all of the places she and her husband have lived was such a brilliant and cozy idea.  Maybe someday I can take a needle-stab at it although for now it would just be Chicago (Aon Center where I worked? Delux Bar & Grill home of my pregnancy standby of mac and cheese and the best french fries ever? Potbelly's? St. John Cantius?) and South Bend (this one is a no brainer). 

- Thank you, Elaine, for such a needed how to dress your postpartum body post. Her tips are great so hopefully I can avoid my dismal dressing from last time. 

- Laura from String of Pearls made me cry with her lovely and honest post about needing strong arms as a mother.

- I was directed to Simcha Fisher's letter to the mother with only one child from Laura's post and it is by far my favorite piece of late. It is so compassionate and honest. I needed to read it because so many times I shake my head ashamed of myself for even thinking that having one child is hard and quite a struggle at times.  And, of course, I lost it when I read this line, "Dear mother of only one child, don’t blame yourself for thinking that your life is hard.  You’re suffering now because you’re turning into a new woman, a woman who is never allowed to be alone.  For what?  Only so that you can become strong enough to be a woman who will be left."

- A huge congratulations to Martha of Romancing Reilly and to her family! She and her husband welcomed Sebastian to the world this week! Yay! And I am super excited to hear the birth story. 
Quality time with Uncle Johnny (just some random photos so I don't give you the travesty of a photoless post)

Happy Weekend!