Five Favorites

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Linking up with Grace for this week's Five Favorites! Cuddle with that baby, Hallie

1. This maxi skirt from...Family Dollar! I was perusing the shelves at dólar de la familia for some materials that could somehow evolve into wannabe Montessori materials when I fell upon quite a cute maxi skirt. After confirming that I was, in fact, in Family Dollar, I shook off the surprise and ten-dollar-splurged on that thing. And you know what? It makes for a great laundry basket when you are having an off day and all of the socks are falling out of your arms as you traipse to the washer. So, get to Family Dollar, dollar now, yo. 

2. Chicken Divan. I have not been a big fan of chicken this pregnancy. I have no problem stomaching it, but I just never think it is appetizing. However, the past few times we have eaten out, I order chicken and then I am promptly disappointed when the food arrives and I remember...oh yeah, I don't like chicken right now! Well, I had temporary food aversion amnesia again tonight and made chicken divan using Paula Deen's recipe. It was delicious even though it was chicken! Now if only Chris liked chicken divan...

3. Car seat with deep walls = Mom doesn't have to share. Ryan eats and eats and eats, and one of my biggest concerns at the moment besides his too natural ability to throw tantrums (where could he get that from? Oh is that he is such a food mooch. He just wants to smooch any food that he sees whether or not someone is in the middle of eating it. 

Because of this, I was so thankful for the monstrous sides of his car seat when we were traveling this past week. Sometimes I would not want to share my precious food so I would assume perfect posture and hide behind the side of his car seat so I could chomp on cheese  or Haribo cherries while he ate no sugar Cheerios or craisins.

I guess Ryan needs to learn to not be a food mooch, and I need to learn to not be a food scrooge. 

4. Spring at ND. This doesn't even cover how beautiful ND is in the spring. When you are a student, you barely get to appreciate it because South Bend doesn't let you get a glimpse of the season until you are right in the midst of finals and about to spring out of there. That is why everyone should not grow up and live close to campus all the time, right? 

5. Secondhand finds. I stopped at a little consignment shop that was packed full of random knick-knacks paddywacks and I found these floral pieces to brighten up one cabinet in the kitchen.  I love them! 

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