Thus far Ryan has resembled both Chris and me in the baby hair department. We both outshone the other babies with our bald heads, and Ryan has done the same. All of his friends have beautiful locks of hair, both boys and girls. We did shave the back of his head once when he was four months old since he had quite the uneven hair distribution happening on the back of his head.  Then he became our little peach, fuzz and all. The fuzz has become hair that I attempt to comb into a side part every morning, and then Ryan takes styling into his own hands with whatever styling gel he finds available at meal time whether it be avocado, tomato sauce or eggs.

A few curls at the back of his head showed up and surprised me. I doubted them and figured they were his first case of bedhead. Despite my doubts, they kept springing up after his hair would dry and sometimes even took the form of quite the classy rat tail. Maybe the love is blind saying covers motherhood also since at no other point in my life would I think a rat tail is cute?

After months of mulling over cutting the shape-shifter rat tail, Ryan accompanied Chris to sunny San Diego. I was in the do-not-cut camp because I had faith that once the front of Ryan's head caught up to the back, he would look like this.
My husband circa 1988
Chris, who had already experienced defeat against my dominant genes, was doubtful.  I warned Chris, "You better not cut his hair ... " Well, lo and behold, he texted me a photo and ...

Then they came home, and I got to see those long awaited curls in person.

Wispy wings. 

My mind was deep in thought for a few days because I couldn't put my finger on what he resembled. Finally after editing a photo of him, I saw it. 

Here, I've got a perfect puzzle for you:
Who does Ryan look like?

Do you see it? Let's add a filter. How about now? I'll give you a hint: 
Ryan needs to find a friend named Charlie
So until the top of his head joins the party, Ryan and I will be in search of a chocolate river. Don't worry, my name isn't Augustus, so I should be safe.