When Chris proposed to me, I knew exactly what I wanted my wedding dress to look like. Off the shoulder, all lace, mermaid, cloth-covered buttons on the back. And I searched and searched through designer after designer (which wasn't the most frustrating task...I mean, they are wedding dresses, after all), but only found one. Since it was $5000+ it was not an option. Luckily, I found my dress and fell in love with it. From the first time I saw it on my laptop screen in January, I knew I was going to wear it on my wedding day and six months later, I tried it on for the first time at the only store within six hours from home that stocked it. Yep, it was the one (other than my groom).

A couple weekends ago, my future sister-in-law was kind enough to invite my mom, sister and me to her wedding dress appointment. Oh goodness, it was fun. She found the perfect dress for her and being the recovering wedding aficionado that I am, I perused the designer website later while we drove my sister back to her dorm room.

Beautiful dress, beautiful dress, beautiful...

Allure 9000 from Allure Bridals

Allure 2610 from Allure Romance

Three years after I began looking for my important white dress, Allure had to go and create my perfect dress at a reasonable price. Just look at it. Off the shoulder, all lace, mermaid, cloth-covered buttons on the back. And they even have it in two different collections so I am guessing that one could cost even less money!

So perfect.

Since I have given this way more thought that is necessary, I know that even though this dress is perfect according to my checklist, I love my wedding dress more. How could I not? While I was wearing it, I received the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony from the love of my life. And that just makes it take the wedding cake.