Almost Verily My Biggest Frivolous Moment Thus Far

Last night, Alexandra and I were chatting about Verily, the marvelous and inspiring women's magazine that is just about to print its very first issue. She mentioned that the cover was going to be released today, and I remembered that this morning soon after I woke up and was checking Bloglovin'. My internet was being wonky (surprise, surprise), and the photo of the cover wouldn't load so I just forgot about it and got out of bed to try to be a little bit productive. I picked out my favorite spring skirt and threw it on with a tank top and started checking tasks off of my to do list. Later when I sat down at the computer, I thought to check our Verily's blog again to see if my (un)trusty internet would allow me a peek at the cover. 

And then the second biggest frivolous moment of my life as of yet happened. 


(And no, I don't normally sit with my skirt on top of the desk. You just do some crazy things when you are wearing the same exact skirt as the model on the Verily magazine cover like spread your skirt over a keyboard to take photos of a computer screen. And yes, our current background is an eagle. I love my husband).

About three years ago, I called my best friend and told her that I was about to buy a skirt that I would wear for years and years. She is always dressed impeccably and has many classic pieces so I knew she would love to hear about it. The skirt was at Forever XXI, not exactly the most classic place, and I once I saw the watercolor, bright floral design, I was sold...or I guess, it was sold to me. 
1. Holding Baby Johnny and hanging out with Bailey in San Diego (How old is this skirt? This is a photo of Johnny, Bailey and Ryan from yesterday!) 2. Summer trip to Chicago 3. Easter 2013 4. Venice! 5. Aubry was lucky enough to organize a private Mass in the Clementine Chapel in St. Peter's Basilica 6. My host dad, Marc, snapped this photo of me when we were at Mont St. Michel

Boy, do I wear this skirt a lot. And boy, does Verily do a much better job styling than I do! 

Since I'm being happy go lucky I decided to do my own Open To Interpretation a la Grace, Kayla and Erica based on the cover. So here we go: 
Cover: Effortlessly casual young woman on the go. Me: Stay at home mom trying to wear this skirt as many times as possible before the bump makes it scandalous. Didn't even attempt at the fanny pack since I already have the baby fanny pack going on. 

So why is this only almost my biggest frivolous moment thus far? Because I will just always have a special spot in my heart for Kate and William.
Just two newlywed couples in their going away outfits

If you reached the end, wow! Thank you for putting up with my silly rambling. 

P.S. Everyone subscribe to Verily! The first print issue is for June/July 2013! Go on, scoot. 
P.P.S. I am not exactly a trendsetter so these occurrences are extremely surprising.