What I Wore Sunday, Volume 9

After almost a month away from What I Wore Sunday over at Fine Linen & Purple, I am bumping my way back in.

When we finally decided to get ready for Mass at 9:35am (we were going to 10am), I really had an easy time picking out what to wear because my clothes fell into two categories: ridiculously wrinkled and passable with the majority of them falling into the first group. I slipped on this purple dress, was a bit confused as to why it looked like a high-low dress even though I knew I had never forked money over for that trend.

"I think this might have shrunk!" I wondered aloud, obviously without a clue.

That accusation sent Chris into quite the peel(s) of laughter. Because you know...I'm pregnant. Oops, I forgot, too!

Mass included a needed time to pray for all those who suffered this week with a lot of rambunctious Ryan sprinkled in there including his first jump (as in both feet left the ground even if it probably was only a centimeter vertical). Too bad it was in the middle of the aisle. I think that explains why we split our time between outside the sacristy and inside the church.

No, I didn't take my jacket off because I turn into a wimp when it is 30 something degrees in April even though that is balmy in January. Dress: Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls. Cardigan: Gap. Jacket: Forever XXI years ago. Pumps: the usual.
Post-Mass hanging out with his fellow waddlers