What I Wore Sunday, Volume 10

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This non-maternity dress will definitely be a go-to outfit for as long as I can wear it this pregnancy. Roomy and nursing friendly. Dress: Banana Republic Factory Store. Belt: H&M. Shoes: $3 clearance find from JCPenney's  a few years ago that I don't wear nearly enough

Mass included our normal squirmy child who loved waving at everyone. Chris declared, "Well, it doesn't look like he is going to be an introvert like his parents." Ryan's behavior actually wasn't that bad comparatively which doesn't say much for his typical Mass decorum. He was terribly affectionate to me which was very sweet, but then it turned into smothering when he repeated tried to open mouth kiss me. He is in a kissing phase. The worse part came during the consecration when Ryan was silent for once like the rest of the church when a sweet baby let out a little wail which was a trigger for Ryan. "Baby!!!!!!" Sigh. 

After Mass, we ate at Reckers, the 24 hour restaurant that I worked at freshman to junior year. I was an expert smoothie maker, but toward the end of my time I took pride in my pizza-making! Luckily, the person working on the pizzas last night didn't disappoint. And the cashier girl serenaded some Ke$ha to me while taking my order (I guess she isn't introverted either because Chris has mentioned her belting out Top 40 hits previously when he had ordered). Can't get much better service than that, right?

Then we went to the Bookstore Basketball final. Ryan was mesmerized by the basketball, the Holy Cross College mascot, and the ND women's basketball team that were watching the game so he didn't even care that it was bedtime and he had only taken a thirty minute nap. It was a very close game that went into overtime, but the number one seed made up of players from the Holy Cross College official basketball team ending up beating the number two seed team made up a few friends from the same dorms. There were so many people there to watch!

A few sidenotes - Chris' bookstore basketball team's name, "Our Shots Drop Like the Facebook IPO," was ranked the third best overall. They made it to the round of 64 out of over 700 teams. 
- My brother-in-law's team, "Onions," made it to the Elite Eight! Woohoo!