Snowy Wedding in Duluth

This weekend we made an eleven hour drive each way to Duluth, Minnesota. Despite numerous warnings that Duluth is cold in April, I somehow managed to forget my coat at home and was greeted with a six and half inch snow fall on Saturday. The drive and the missing coat were beyond worth it because we got to see my dear friend marry the man she has been praying for for so long. I don't think I have ever seen a giddier bride.

The couple led a holy hour leading up to the wedding with the groom leading a rosary and bride singing one of her songs at each mystery. The whole hour was incredibly moving, and I couldn't keep back tears as I heard her sing a song that she wrote about her future spouse to her in-the-flesh groom just moments before they bestowed the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony on each other.  It was so beautiful and breathtaking to see a couple who had completely discerned their vocations about to fulfill them.

The cathedral was so packed with happiness and life. Babies babbled everywhere, smiles cracked and the newlyweds just radiated with joy.

Other fun tidbits from the day:

- Minutes before we had to leave for the wedding, Chris realized that his suit pants were not hung with his suit coat...and the only substitute he had were jeans. If you know Chris, you know this killed him. Killed him.
- The reception description said it would be a hoedown-snowdown. Little did they know that it would literally be a snowdown.
- I got to see my amazing friends! Aubry, Meagan, Marci and I have unofficially had a spring get together each year for the past three years, and I was quite happy to have such an amazing wedding as an excuse to continue the tradition. Plus, Aubry rocked it as Maid of Honor + token reception singer! Love you, girl.
- Ryan was obsessed with the bingo machine.
- He also gifted us with a two hour nap during the wedding Mass and then the Vigil Mass we stayed after for. Thank you, my father-in-law, for being his napping bed! His nap performance was much better than what happened at the last wedding.
- On Friday night, we ate at the Duluth Grill, which has been featured on one of my favorite shows, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Despite the whole wrangling a stir-crazy toddler released from his car seat shackles, the food was delicious!

We love you so much, Danielle and Mitch! Thank you for honoring us with a place celebrating your marriage with you. Happy honeymoon!