No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

I like to make sure that we eat dinner as a family every night. The time varies because as much as I would like to think that I have dinner started when Chris walks through the door, I only do half the time which leads to that fun cycle of feeding the starving toddler bits (okay basically a whole dinner) of what is  ready when he isn't clinging and being my third leg so by the time dinner is ready he is only half interested in the food and a one-toddler food fight begins as he shows off his throwing ability. Hmmm.

Way back when I first came to terms with the fact that my baby was growing up and that I could stop being his only food source, I started taking his shirt off for meals. We didn't have any bibs that really did anything and since we try to not buy something unless we really need it, I didn't even search for new bibs or smocks. Plus, it cut down on the laundry that I would have to do...although the amount of laundry doesn't really bother me because it is my favorite task. And by that I mean that I love that the term is so vague so when I think back on the day and think, "Was I productive today?" and then nod my head and reply to myself vehemently, "Laundry," even if that just meant I threw a pile in, turned the machine on and forgot about it until eight hours later.

Then winter came along, we moved to a home where we could no longer attempt to imitate a sauna for barely anything at all, and Ryan's no-shoes-no-shirt-no-problem stint came to an end. I got to know vinegar and baking soda and OxiClean way too well for my liking.
However, now spring has sprung in our house even though it hasn't completely outside yet (flurries yesterday...). We haven't had the heat on in two weeks and the house temperature hasn't dipped below 70 degrees. This, of course, means that our best attire comes out for family dinner. 

Not. I don't think belly buttons and yogurt are this season's coattails and caviar. 

Sometimes I wonder if I am setting Ryan up for either two options (after all, my mom would always remind me, "If you do it at home, you will do it at someone's house." See, Mom? I listened!):
           - Violating restaurant policy purely based on reflex. Plates out, shirts off. 
           - Coming across as egomaniac on a first date. Yikes.

Maybe I'll get my act together soon. 

After I clean him off.