Likes and Shares

There are quite a few gems on the internets right now that I really liked, even loved, and I wanted to share them with you.

- First, please continue to pray for Baby A and the rest of the family! Here's to hoping for a smooth recovery with rare trips to the hospital.
Source: Buzzfeed

- Have you seen The Royal Family's trip to Hogwarts? My study abroad friend writes for Buzzfeed, and she has the awesome job where she gets to sift through photos of Kate Middleton (I know she is the Duchess of Cambridge, but, come on, she will always be Kate Middleton to me). Ellie did such a great job with this one! And, of course, I love how wonderful Kate looks in her Topshop dress. She needs to get on Prince William has he not read the books?!

- Even better than a royal baby bump...a baby bump blessed by Pope Francis! I adore this photo of Pope Francis blessing the unborn child of Ali Landry and her husband, Alejandro. Now how do I obtain one of those for the babe in my belly? ;)

- If you read Tess' blog, which has a sweet new name that is perfect for her next stage in life, then you know that she has a twin, Lillian. Well, Lillian wrote a wonderful article in defense of reading mom blogs. It's no surprise that I have quite the affinity for reading mom blogs, and I feel lucky that I have never felt shame in reading way over fifty shades of mom blogs. 

- Speaking of blogs written by mothers, Grace was very generous with her tips in her blogging 101 post. For your wisdom, I thank you. 

- I think Anna of In Honor of Design did such a perfect job with her new site launch. I love reading about her family especially since both of our husbands enjoy rugby. 

- The blog of my childhood friend, Michela, is also wearing a new look courtesy of Jenna Riley Design. So pretty and clean!

- Alexandra posted!! I am going to hold her accountable to writing more so, hey, I'm linking to you, girl! In all honesty, I'm just being a bit selfish because I love her clever stories and how can you have too many photos of Peter and Mary Frances?

Happy Weekend, all!