Five Favorites

Linking up today with Hallie's Five Favorites via Jen. And Happy Birthday to Hallie! I know what birthday present you will be wishing for :)

So here are my five favorites on the internets and in my life right at this moment.

1. Rage of Thrones. Okay, confession time. I haven't told many people this because I am slightly embarrassed about it.  I have read all of the Game of Thrones books. That is probably surprising to a lot of people since I don't really seem to be into super gory and super explicit reading. And, I am not! However, when you find yourself living with your husband and brother-in-law and their fantasy-reading friends are over all the time AND all they do is read Game of Thrones while you sit around craving conversation and everything else under the sun because you are pregnant, you might find yourself picking up that terribly disappointing (not happy with any of the story lines and there have been five better get it together, George R.R. Martin! Because I just know you'll listen to a request from a sappy girl who likes happy endings), but terribly enrapturing series. Chris even brought Dance with Dragons to a concert...thank goodness I love him. 

Anyway, Game of Thrones is now a hit TV series on HBO and all of social media is obsessed...and the majority of people have not put in the time to read the heart wrenching and book-throwing inducing series. Now I understand how all of the Lord of the Rings (insert cult favorite) aficionados feel extremely annoyed when people go on and on about the series and then confess, "Oh, well I've never read the books." !!!! 

Okay, where am I going with this...if you look up Rage of Thrones by The Axis of Awesome on YouTube, you will see a slightly exaggerated depiction of this household's feelings. Necessary disclaimer: not child appropriate or appropriate for some adults. You were forewarned. 

2. Baby bow ties. I made another bow tie for Ryan to wear to a wedding this weekend. My husband doesn't see why I am obsessed with them, but maybe he is just sad that I can make bow ties for a toddler, but the jeans that he wanted patched have been sitting in the closet for a year? Tutorial coming soon. 

3. Pad Thai. I tried making Pad Thai for the first time using this recipe on Monday. It was good! Next time, I think I won't let the last bit of sauce cook in as much though. And does anyone have a more authentic recipe? I chose this one because it didn't call for tamarind paste, which I had forgotten to pick up at the Asian grocery store. 

4. Free fonts. I have been dabbling in invitation design for my best friend's wedding (not the Julia Roberts version), and I am so thankful for! I used it when designing our wedding invitations, but forgot how much they have. You probably already know about it, but if not, check it out. 

5. Buzzfeed, Catholicism and Communion. One of my friends from college writes for Buzzfeed now, and she wrote this comprehensive quiz about whether or not one is in a state of grace to receive the Eucharist. I love seeing pieces in the secular media that actually quote the Catechism. Thank you, Ellie! 

Maybe next week my five favorites will be more exciting?