Five Favorites, Volume Two

1. I Will Not Nurse You Forever. I stumbled upon this blog post the other day while I was nursing Ryan. Of course, the water works let loose. Ryan stopped nursing, looked up at me with sympathetic yet confused eyes, then reached up and placed his chubby hands on my cheeks. "Maaa-ma? Mama." he alternated between questioning and soothing while he touched his forehead to mine. Oh, what a little fifteen month old can do to your heart when he isn't eating yogurt painting himself with yogurt. 

I really can't believe how much my nursing outlook has changed since those first three months when I didn't enjoy it, and it was so painful. Anyway, if you love nursing as much as I do, read it! But, you will most likely cry. 

2. Ribena at Meijer. When I was studying abroad in France, I discovered a love for all things black currant. Chris thought it was hilarious that the Yankee he was engaged to thought that that was such a novelty since they are so prevalent in the UK, and they were such old news to him. Well, excusez-moi. He told me about Ribena, the black currant flavored drink, and I guzzled it down any chance that I had. Imagine my surprise when I was strolling through the ethnic aisle at Meijer in searching of some El Pato sauce when my eyes saw this:

Glory! Except that it is $6.99 for a bottle. So I didn't buy it, but I like knowing that it is there. 

3. Gorilla frowning. We have a book from the library that is basically photos of gorillas scratching, dashing, laughing, yawning, etc. It is my favorite book to read to Ryan purely because of the way Ryan mimics the gorillas in the photos. Here is, "Gorilla frowning."

4. Wicker laundry hamper with a lid! Last month I purchased a few things from Amazon with my gift card winnings from this wonderful day (thanks, Meagan and Tommy!)
. Part of the loot included a wicker laundry hamper because I am the most exciting twenty-three year old that you will ever meet. It is amazing. For the past two years we have just thrown our dirty laundry into regular plastic laundry baskets or, more frequently, into a pile on the floor or on a chair. This new member of our closet makes me want to put my clothes in it, which is a miracle if you asked any of my former room-sharers. 

5. Sleeping baby.

This post was brought to you by a sleeping baby. 

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