Wonderful Weekend

You know we had a wonderful weekend when I am still managing to recap it on a Wednesday. And we did! Of course we had Chris' mom visiting and a mattress slide and a birthday for the biggest boy of the household, but that was just a tiny sampling of the feast of fun that happened in South Bend. Chris' brother, Brad and his girlfriend, Geena, were here for their spring break, David and Becca were here, of course, and then my sister had an ROTC intramural basketball tournament on campus so my parents came up, too! Full house, full hearts, can't lose.

There were loads of forehead kisses bestowed upon Baby Uncle Ciaran by Ryan. We celebrated Geena's golden birthday with ice cream cake made by following this recipe, but with chocolate cake and coffee ice cream. Chris attempted and succeeded to keep Ryan awake at an late basketball game played by Aunt Kristina. Ryan loves his new chair built by my dad from this plan from Ana White. Kristina's team went undefeated in pool play and then got to play in the Purcell Pavilion in the JACC! That was really special to see. Finally, we had our family friend over for brunch on Sunday to bless our home. It really was lovely. Ryan loved mimicking Father with the holy water. Father also gave Ryan a few Australian children's books to join his book about a wombat. He was so sweet to give us a cross made from jarrah wood from Australia. Ryan kept picking the cross up, exclaiming, "Oooooh!!" and holding it up high above his head. Future altar server? 

Lots of photos starts...now. 
Aaaand, that's a wrap!