What I Wore Sunday, Volume 8

Palm Sunday!

It was an exciting Palm Sunday Vigil Mass for us because it was Chris' birthday (yay!), my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his girlfriend, my parents and my sister were in town (yay again!) and Chris volunteered me to be a lector without me knowing until Friday (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?). He was lucky it was his birthday. Ha! It actually was for the better because if I had known about it earlier, I would only have fretted about it more. And that would not have been pretty. Ryan was in quite a mood as I was getting ready. We are talking full-on tantrum throwing because I had to pull on my tights (that actually fit this time!) instead of read him a book. Uuuugh. I wanted to be extra, extra conscious of the neckline of whatever I wore so I chose my favorite red dress that I knew I would be safe in. Then I couldn't seem to remember if we were going to have an outdoor procession and if I would freeze my bottom off so on came a blazer! Not the hippest of outfits, but it reminded me of my working days. I definitely wasn't very caring about how I looked besides it being reverent and holy because I was so nervous about reading since I hadn't been a lector in eight months! 

When I left Ryan with my mom so I could go into the sacristy, he lost it. Ugh again. I just politely smiled to everyone as it was obvious that that was my child letting everyone know that his mama was leaving him.  My mind was going crazy because I was sooooo nervous. I started second guessing in my head that St. Paul had written to the Philippians and that the lectionary would say, "A reading from the Letter of St. Paul to the Philippians," and that I might have to resort to, "A reading from the Book of Philippians." Yeah, none of that makes sense. Yikes. 

The second reading came up and I stepped up to the pulpit. "A reading from the Letter of St. Paul to the Philippians," was kindly on the lectionary (duh) and I was surprisingly able to read it aloud without stammering. 


Oooooooh I had to try soooooo hard to not smile when I heard that. Somehow, I kept my composure. Maybe St. Paul was praying for me? 

The rest of the Mass went well without any tripping and I was able to focus because, hey, I was on the altar and not chasing Ryan around. I actually enjoy listening to the Passion, but I don't know if I will feel the same way once I have to chase Ryan around while trying to listen. Last year, he couldn't move. 

Since you got through the longest WIWS ever, here are the outfits!
Dress from Nine West via TJ Maxx, regular heels, black tights and my blazer is...get this...from JCPenney from my freshman year in high school! Best Youth in Government investment that was probably $15
 I guess Ryan lost it again when Chris handed Ryan off to my mom when he had to serve as a Eucharistic Minister so he cried himself to sleep. :( Thank you, Mom for taking him!!

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