What I Wore Sunday, Volume 7

Did everyone get to read Michela's great reflection on Fine Linen and Purple this morning? We go back way to the second grade, and I loved reading her Lenten reflection. The Gospel is definitely one of my favorites. Two more weeks! 

This weekend's outfit was a quick cheat sheet outfit since I got home really close to the time we were supposed to leave for Mass so Chris would be on time. Apparently all of Michiana decides to shop and run errands on Saturday afternoons which equals way too much in a normal-sized city. Hmph. So I threw on a dress rather than try to figure out what clean top went with whatever skirts that were ironed. I accidentally grabbed some tights that were from pre-Ryan days and every time I sat down, I could feel that demoralizing slow roll of too tight tights feeling like sausage casing. I should probably try on all of my tights to see which ones fit, but that really sounds like the least fun activity in the world, doesn't it? 

Ryan's behavior can be described with one word: LOUDEST CHILD IN THE WORLD. Oops, that was five. Chris had to take him out during the first reading and for the rest of the Mass, I could hear Ryan exuberantly chanting, "DA-DA! DA-DA! DA-DA!" like he hadn't seen Chris in a week. The babe loves his dad. 
1. How creepy I look when I ask for Ryan to get in the photo with me.  2. No dice. Solo photo!
Dress: Old Navy $6 find by my sister! Tights: gone Shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren via Marshalls Belt: the usual 

Shoes and cords: the usual, Oxford: The Children's Place Outlet, Sweater vest: Once Upon a Child, Cookie in mouth and hand: Miss Becca

Today we are decked out in our green. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Grab your clover, come on over! 
Would it be a WIWS post with a photo of Ryan eating a donut? 

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