What I Wore Sunday, Volume 6

Today we ventured to another church where babbling kids are aplenty and Ryan was only taken out by Chris three times, I think? We also left the house at 8:59 for a 9am Mass (insert Daylight Savings Time curse here), but still made it in time for the first reading. I am on a roll.

Blouse and skirt: Target on cleeeeaaarance! Tights and belt: don't know! Shoes: Nine West Outlet as usual

Ryan: Shirt: Carter's, Sweater: Children's Place (their stuff is always sized waaaay too big), Shoes: Target
His smudges on his shirt are from here:
One eyebrow raise, icing on his noise, sprinkles on his chin and a sweater that fits him just right.

Aaaand Chris just informed me that I still have icing on my lips an hour post-donuts. Like mother, like son?

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