Edinburgh, Scotland

Since it is March and the month of St. Patrick's Day I thought I would recap our trip to Ireland from back in September. A stretch? Maybe. But it's happening. 
I have a very generous brother. So generous that his wedding gift to us was part of a trip to Ireland so we could watch the Emerald Isle Classic between our alma maters, Notre Dame and the Naval Academy. I know, what a brother. And to top it off, my dad came along so I got to spend 10 days with three of my favorite men! Ryan did not make the trip with us, but I will write more about that decision another time...this post is about the land where Prince William and Kate Middleton fell in love.  
View from the Edinburgh Castle
We hopped over to Edinburgh (I want to type Edinborough every time...I can hear my UK-raised-husband's chuckle from reading that) just for a day trip...thank you RyanAir for being cheap. 
Tales of a nursing mother, pumping at the pub
My men at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

It was pretty chilly and rainy (surprise, surprise) since we were used to August weather in the Midwest so after seeing the famous Edinburgh Castle, our chilled fingers and toes were yelling at us to find a pub with warmth and wireless. We went down a little pedestrian street off of the main Princes St and found Halfway House, which was a quaint little pub that introduced me to haggis. If you know me, I pretty much like any food, and that quality does not exclude haggis. Anyone else a fan?  

Next, we hiked up Calton Hill to see a gorgeous view of the city. This was my favorite part of the day besides the haggis and beer. 

My handsome husband and some hills
We topped the day off with dinner at Mum's which lived up to its reviews on Yelp although I wish I had ordered some haggis since it's not like I travel to Scotland every day. Okay, I think I've mentioned haggis enough times in this little post.
My face gives away that I had some cider with whiskey. Life of a half Filipina.

Edinborough Edinburgh was perfect for a day trip. I would love to go back to Scotland and see Braveheart scenery and maybe a duchess or prince at their old stomping grounds...too much to ask for?