What I Wore Sunday, Volume 4

Or What I Wore all of Saturday and to the Vigil Mass. 

One of my favorite parts about living in South Bend is that it serves as a mecca for many of our friends and family.  Whether it be for football or something  else, we get so many visitors, and I love it. This weekend we were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of one of my dearest friends, Meagan, who is a sparkling new fiancee! She had a few wedding planning meetings yesterday so we got to tag along as her entourage with myself as the former bride who sadly still hasn't shaken off the wedding obsession and Ryan as the comedic relief and ice breaker.
Experts of the South Bend wedding scene
When I was picking out my outfit for the day, I knew that I wouldn't really have time to change before Mass so I chose something I thought would be easy to dress up with heels. Chris teased that I was still wearing jeans, but I defiantly replied back with, "Umm, they are colored!" That makes them dressier, right?

Ryan forgot to stop with the whole comedic relief gig during Mass which lead to he and Chris having a Mass pow-wow in the lobby, as always. When Chris came in to hand off the baby so he could go up to the altar, I attempted to keep Chris' #1 fan in the pew, but had to escort said fan out when he started pointing and chanting, "DA-DA! DA-DA!" at concert level volume. After communion, I returned to the pew only to find that the crazed fan had morphed into a wiggle worm and wanted to play the game of, "I NEED TO BE PUT DOWN! NO, DON'T PUT ME DOWN!" After about thirty seconds, I gave up and followed him out of the pew. He thought I was chasing him and started mischievously giggling and waving his arms over his head while he stumbled into the aisle. I could hear the awww's, muffled laughs and smiles around us and maybe one, "Control your child lady," glare as I caught that worm of mine. As we passed the kindest usher in all of the world, I whispered, "I always like to try." He knowingly smiled with a twinkle in his eye. So until next week, Basilica side lobby. 

The outfit goods...
Scarf: Gift from cousins
Peplum top: Macy's
Red pants: H&M
Pumps: Lauren Ralph Lauren via Marshall's

The bride-to-be
Dress: Banana Republic
Tights: Macy's
Boots: Lori's (in Chicago)

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