What I Wore Sunday, Volume 3

I didn't get the serious face memo
I'm linking up with Fine Linen and Purple once again for What I Wore Sunday! We attended the Saturday Vigil Mass at the Basilica again, and this time I did not scandalize the people behind me. Lucky (or unlucky?) them. This outfit isn't one of my favorites. It definitely looked better in my head when I was racking the contents of  my closet in my head as I walked up the stairs to change. When I first put it on and looked in the mirror, I complained to Chris, "Oooh. I look like Mrs. Hughes." I know that she doesn't wear color...or turtlenecks...or anything above the ankle, but I just felt like her! Yes, I know that doesn't make any sense.

I threw on a belt so make it look a little better. The belt ending up acting as a a mini ledge for Ryan to push off of as he tried to scale my upper half during Mass. I guess he was in search of a better view than his 30-something inch frame can provide?
Here are the goods:
Black A-line skirt- Forever 21
Turtleneck: Forever 21
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Nine West Outlet

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Happy Sunday!