What I Wore Sunday, Volume 2

Here I am in my oh-so-scandalous Sunday attire:

Yes, scandalous. 

I decided to wear the same outfit to the Saturday Vigil Mass that I wore on Friday afternoon to the Edith Stein Conference. Ryan was dancing around my feet on the brink of a meltdown while I was getting dressed , and I could not get the back of the skirt to hook by reaching behind. I turned the skirt around to make it easier, slid the hook into the eye, then hitched the skirt back around right as the maaa-maaa's reached a perilous pitch on the meltdown scale. A few renditions of Row, Row, Row Your Boat later, Ryan was dressed in an outfit that only included a few tears. We went downstairs, Chris snapped a photo of us, I threw on our coats, and we left for Mass. And we were early! That's saying something.

I chose a pew and soon Chris and Ryan scooted into the seats next to me. There was a somber old man behind us. As the opening hymn began, I took my coat off. After all, I thought I was dressed well for the Eucharist unlike the many times that I try to keep my coat on to cover up my outfit. Ryan lasted until halfway through the First Reading before he made it known that his church outfit was not lending itself to better behavior. Chris took him out to the side lobby. During the homily, I started to hear, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" Ryan. I knew it was bad since his loud voice was seeping through the closed doors  so I got up, genuflected, and went out to see my Mass-interrupter.

Ryan toddled over to me, and signed for a drink. I walked away from Chris in the direction of the water fountain when I heard a surprised, "Katrina!" from him. His eyes were wide, eyebrows raised to the middle of his forehead and there was a very amused look on his face as he reached to the motion at his backside while chuckling. My own eyes widened as I put two and two together and felt to find that I NEVER ZIPPED MY SKIRT UP.  My backside was open for all to see.  And not just a little...  It was church and a show, folks.

M.o.r.t.i.f.i.e.d. does not even begin to describe it. You can bet I didn't make eye contact with anyone as I walked back after communion.

Next week, when I wear a repeat outfit, I'll try to remember to cross my t's, dot my i's and most definitely zip my zippers.

The risque goods:
Skirt: Target clearance rack
Tank top: Target clearance rack
Cardigan: J.Crew Outlet
Shoes: Nine West Outlet
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