Valentine's Day > Mardi Gras

Our Valentine's Day started out very dangerously similar to the disaster of a Mardi Gras that we had because poor sweet Ryan woke up at 2:30am and vomited all over the bed. It broke my heart that I gave him the stomach flu! I took him to take bath, but he pitifully pointed at the shower. I held him in the shower for a long time while he just laid his head against my chest with his big bottom lip in a sad pout. Seeing your baby sick is the worst feeling in the world.
Poor baby fell asleep holding my arm
Thankfully, Ryan's illness only lasted two hours then he went to sleep and woke up a happy baby. Thank you, Lord!
My happy, diaper-clad Cupid
We went downstairs to have breakfast (just white foods for him according to the on-call nurse at the doctor's office), and Chris greeted me with the sweetest Valentine's text:
My husband knows me well. I loooove seeing elderly couples, especially ones holding hands. What can I say, I'm cheesy.

The rest of our Valentine's festivities included a single rose, a homemade card, chili for dinner, and an episode of Downton Abbey while eating cheese. If you are going to stick around this blog, then you better get used to hearing that I make chili for Chris whenever I want to do something special for him. 
I have no idea where I unpacked the vases so a beer glass will do.
And since I am weird and sentimental with clothing, I decided to wear the same dress that I wore on our very first Valentine's Day as a couple. Gratuitous then and now photo:
2009 and 2013.
And now here is a little how-to on how to make a St. Valentine's Day card with your toddler. It's so simple that this explanation is really kind of unnecessary, but I'll do it anyway so I can participate in Ana's craft link-up!

1. Squirt some paint on construction paper and let the toddler scribble away as his heart's desires. 
2. Cut the painted parts into hearts, tape/glue them onto a folded piece of construction paper and frantically write on the card as you hear your husband walk in the door. 

There you go! Try not to strain yourself from all the difficulty. 

Happy St. Valentine's Day a day late!