Tossing, Turning and Smushing Faces

It seems fitting that since Ryan doesn't sleep sweetly that he wouldn't fall asleep sweetly either. We plop down on the bed, and he points at the fire while shouting, "Hot! Hot!" then signs for milk. We nurse for a bit. He decides he'd rather crawl all over me so that ensues for a few tickle-filled moments. Nurse again. Then he seems to remember all of my requests from throughout the day for baby kisses that normally go unanswered and smushes his face against mine over and over while slobbering and giggling. The flatter the nose, the better he seems to think. Smush, smush, smush. Time to nurse. Each blink grows longer and the pace of his nursing slows. Not asleep yet. Nope, he has to toss and turn with his eyes closed. I think he gets extra points if he hits me in the face since he is doing this behind shut-eyes and all. He stirs, his eyes peek open, settles down after one last toss and reaches for one last nurse until the last blink never stops.

I realized last night as he was smushing his face against mine, drool and all, that I wanted to remember his crazy falling asleep routine. And so I wrote it down.