The Birth of a Cookie Monster

Ryan has been spewing first syllables left and right with the spot-on perfection only a parent could understand. "Buuuh," "Baaa," Baaaaaaa," and "Boooo," are all actually different words in the colloquial language of RDH, and now he has added the hard c to his repertoire of consonants. 

This morning, I whipped up some coconut macaroons, Nat the Fat Rat style, because well I am in a coconut hut rut. I'm not kidding...I was eating sweetened coconut flakes out of the bag last night. Weird? Definitely. Delicious? Definitely again. Ryan watched me form the macaroons on the cookie sheet all while frantically quacking, "Kuuuk-keee," and desperately reaching to try to swipe some batter. Then he squatted outside the oven watching the sweets bake and occasionally chanted, "Kuuuk-kee! Kuuk-kee!," like those little mounds of coconut were in the race for gold. Nope, just trying to reach the golden brown at the tips, but thank you for your enthusiasm, little one! Finally, it was time. The time my cookie fiend had been waiting for: taste testing. Want to see it? Well then, you are in luck because I documented it on video, of course. My favorite part is when he is taking the cookie from me, makes eye contact and then lets out a mischievous and satisfied sigh. Thank goodness I love baking, we have a monster on our hands. 

Cookie! from Katrina on Vimeo.
He (I) apologizes that he hadn't changed out of his pajamas yet.