My Intense Workout

On Sunday, Chris and I took the babe to family hour at the gym on campus for the first time. Ryan automatically was mesmerized. "Baaaa! Baaaa! Baaaa!" Translation: ball! ball! ball! Chris offered to watch Ryan first while I went and worked out. Ha. This is what happened.

I walked into the room with ellipticals, bikes, treadmills galore and stood for a few seconds overwhelmed by it all. I'm not exactly a gym-going person. Or a working out person. I climbed onto a bike and tried to pedal while looking like I did an intense cardio workout every day until I realized that the bike seat was set at its highest position so I looked like an idiot. To make myself look even more stupid, I failed at trying to adjust it myself and had to ask for help. The guy kindly showed me that you just press a button and push down. Oops. Back to pedaling up a storm (read: a mild drizzle). I was trying to read What I Wore Sunday when I realized that I should have chosen an elliptical, not because of the workout it allows, but because those were positioned overlooking the basketball court that Chris and Ryan were playing on. Priorities.

So after a total of three minutes on the bike, I hopped on over to the elliptical and chose the one directly above my two boys. I automatically started laughing because I looked down only to see Chris trying to get Ryan interested in the balls that he had in his hands, but Ryan kept run-waddling over to the container that housed the rest of the balls. He had his eye on the prize and the prize was the ball treasure chest.

About a minute had passed on the elliptical when I started to see that Ryan had started to get some elevation in his frantic grabs into the ball container. My mama-paparazzi radar was going off so I stepped off the machine (grand total of four minutes working out, if you are keeping track) and whipped out my phone.
1. Ryan ignoring Dad even though Dad has a bouncy ball and football. 2. Ryan's potbelly is securing him as he leans over the edge. Dad gives up. 
1. Potbelly grip loosens 2. Flying V! 
1. And there he goes 2. So this is heaven.

Four minutes of cardio with a minute of a f-ab-ulous workout via laughter. Whew, I'm beat.