How to Make a Pom-Pom Ball

Now that I have a wee one, I think that hats with pom-poms are basically the most adorable part of winter. I know, such an important opinion to have. Here is the product of my obsession:

If you can believe it, the pom pom was actually bigger at first, but Chris let me know that it might be a little too big if it is bigger than Ryan's head...

Ana over at Time Flies When You're Having Babies is hosting a Cabin-Fever-Close-to-Valentine's-Day-Craft link up so I made a little tutorial on how to make a pom pom...and a huge one at that.

1. Get your supplies together: yarn, scissors and something to wrap the yarn around. You could use just one skein of yarn, but I wanted to use pink and white to add a little Valentine's to this pom pom for the link up. I also wanted to make a honking big pom pom (hope that doesn't sound inappropriate?) so I decided to use a mini football for the wrapping since it has a greater circumference than my hand. You could easily use your hand or a few fingers if you want a smaller one.
2.Cut three strands of yarn and set them aside. If you are making a smaller pom pom, you probably only need one strand of yarn. I set aside three to anchor it to the hat better. Less strings + huge pom pom = sad, leaning pom pom
3. Start wrapping. 
4. Keep going!

5. And going! 

6. Remove the wrapped yarn.

7. Place the wrapped yarn over one of the saved strands. 

8. Tie the string very tightly around the yarn. 

9. Add the extra strings!

10. Take your scissors and cut the loops on one side.

11. Keep cutting!

12. Once you are finished with the first side, move on to the next side. 

13. You have a pom pom! However, it looks like a five year old gave it a hair cut.

14.So take the scissors and try to repair the haircut. Be careful to not cut the long strings that will be needed to attach the pom pom to the hat.

15.And voila! A nicely groomed pom pom just waiting to adorn a hat. 

16.Attach to the hat (I just tied it and then weaved in the ends), and go fawn over its cuteness. 

For more crafts, head on over to see Ana's link-up!