7 Quick Takes, Volume 7

Well, it's Friday so I'm quick-taking it with Jen at Conversion Diary. Click on over to read more!

1. Grocery store cart swindler. When the light-obsessed baby wasn't entranced by the chandeliers (rows of fluorescents) of Martin's Supermarkets and impersonating the headless horseman, he pilfered a bag of dark chocolate chips from my cart. I thought something like, "Aww, he likes dark chocolate like his mama. Cute." I kept on pushing and returned to the task at hand: forgetting at least one thing that I needed. The next aisle over I looked down at Ryan, peered past his innocent eyes and fixated on his fingers that had discarded the chocolate chips in favor of squishing raw ground beef. Plastic wrap has nothing on curious baby fingers. Gross. Good thing I don't have a cart cover because it would be pretty useless with this explorer.

2. Sleepy pout. Despite the ground beef incident, I highly doubt that I will ever get sick of this sleepy pout.

3. Underdressed, overdressed. I love this photo of Chris and Ryan walking. You can tell one is dressed by a mom and the other makes his own decisions concerning what is proper for snow. 

4. No knots. For the first time in my 13ish years crocheting, I crocheted through an entire skein of yarn without creating a massive knot in the process. Normally at least a good chunk of yarn has to be cut out as a casualty of my overzealous unwinding. 

5. Sweaty hands. I was unpacking another box when I came across the planner that Chris gave me when we had just started dating. Before he gave it to me, he wrote a little note at the bottom of every day for the first semester! I still remember when he gave it to me in the car on a rainy day when I was absolutely exhausted. I couldn't smile any bigger as I leafed through the pages then, and I couldn't the other night when I went read them 4+ years later. These two notes made me laugh and laugh because Chris is such a goof!

6. A wordless message from Ryan about NFP? I couldn't find the stickers for my chart at the end of my NFP consult tonight so my practitioner and looked around the room only to find that Ryan had thrown them in the trashcan. Hmm, are you trying to tell us something, Ryan? 

7. Happy Weekend! Either I'm boring or I've forgotten what other potentially exciting things have happened in my life to make a real #7 because they were that exciting. I'm betting on the first option.