Ryan's buddy, St. André Bessette

A week ago, I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed when I stopped to read the status of one of my favorite economics professor out loud to Chris. Upon finishing reading it, I looked up to see a thrilled husband who tipped his head back with a maniacal, triumphant laugh and then rubbed his hands together like a kid about to open a present he has been waiting for for twenty-five years. This is what it said:

"St. André Bessette's feast day is January 6, which this year falls on a Sunday. St. André is the only recognized CSC saint. From the Ordo for the celebration of the Eucharist on January 7: "in the United States, when 6 January falls on a Sunday: St. André Bessette, religious." In other words, the national championship is being played on the observance of André's feast. Coincidence?" -Professor Eric Sims. 

Appropriate pause for a silent moment of awe.

So we thought that was cool and maybe another moment of the destiny that the media and fan base have been playing up since we beat Michigan State, but then it kind of slipped my mind until yesterday morning when Chris, Ryan and I were in the little foyer on the west side of the Basilica during Mass because someone had too many ants in his pants to sit still...a little hint...the someone has just recently joined the, "I say my age in years club."

There is a little shelf on the wall next to the sacristy that displays little prayer cards and pamphlets about the Congregation of the Holy Cross and Catholicism that is at the perfect height for someone who is thirty-one inches tall. Ryan thinks it is amazing. Cards with people's faces on them? A potential mess? Jackpot! Although the usher who normally chuckles as he sees Ryan making a beeline for anywhere but his parents' arms told us that Ryan could have as many as he wanted, we only let him take one per Mass. The past two times his Mass buddies have been Our Lady of Guadalupe and Blessed Basil Moreau. 

Well, imagine my crazed-fan-glee when I looked down at the prayer card that was trapped in Ryan's hand the day before the national championship game to see St. André Bessette's kind face. !!!!!!

Now I have never been one to cheer things like, "God's on our side!" But St. André Bessette? Only canonized brother from the Congregation of the Holy Cross, the order that founded Notre Dame? Welcome to the team!!!

Now we are off to the Grotto for one last prayer. I don't pray for us to win, I always just pray that no one gets injured and that everyone is able to play to the best of their ability (boring, I know). And you can bet that I'll add a St. André Bessette, pray for us. 
Rescued from a little's boys squeezing hands and placed next to the TV. Happy Feast Day!