Party in the City Where the Heater is On

Go Irish! Slam Bama!
It's beginning to look a lot like...the night before the national championship game! Every social media site that I visit (while wearing thick, cozy socks) is chock full of photos of my friends in swimsuits with South Beach in the background, a caption referring to lyrics from Will Smith and the hashtag #GoIrish. Well, this South Bend mama wants to add to the convo since we are having our own little party in the city where the heater is on. So from my South Bend to your South Beach, here are the school-spirit-full displays of affection in this fine city. 
As a Country Biscuit Breakfast fan and an Irish fan, I am quite proud of Robert Evans, as my dad would call it. 
Glad to see the American Pancake House is supporting the team that visit frequently. Happy New Year to you, too, pancakes! 
Numero Uno
Roll the Tide. 
We all know Pat Mulligan is a fan! 
And with that, Weichert Realtors blows the other real estate agencies in town out of the water
We even have the support of the animals! I am disappointed to report that Mikado, the neighbor of the Roseland Animal Hospital and the land of sake bombing, did not mention anything Irish on their sign.
Now we're serious.
And last but not least, the glorious #1 atop Grace Hall. May you always shine brightly...especially after tomorrow night. 

And now I will leave you with my own Will Smith inspired lyrics. Enjoy. 

Party in the city where the heater is on
Nursing all night till the break of dawn
Welcome to (life as a) mommy (bienvenido a life as a mommy)
(Mom) Bouncing in the house where the heater is on
Nursing all night till the break of dawn
I'm (not) going to Miami
Welcome to (life as a) mommy. 

P.S. As always, GO IRISH!