7 Quick Takes, Volume 6

Joining up with Jen once again for 7 Quick Takes Friday. I absolutely loved her piece about the history of her views on abortion. As always, please send some prayers her family's way!

I'm going to set the record for how many times I can show you a photo of Ryan from this week in his too-small pajamas. I need to get some new ones...and make interesting (well, interesting to me) things happen when he is actually dressed.

1. Wake up, Mama! I have been with my parents for the past week. In other words, this is stay-at-home mom vacation! My parents wake up at an insanely early hour so ever since Ryan was a newborn, they basically beg me to give him to them so they can play with him. I get to actually "sleep in" until 8 or 9. Sign me up! However, now that Ryan is mobile and very vocal, things have changed. Yesterday after only being with Lola for thirty minutes or so, I heard the little munchkin yelling outside my door. He knew where I was and wanted me up! Next time, I'll move rooms.
Come out, Mama! I have a banana, and I am not afraid to use it! 
2. Mixed patterns. This morning my mom wanted to take Ryan for a very quick walk on the beach and put his coat on over his pajamas. It isn't exactly warm here so I threw some stretchy pants on him for an extra layer. When they got back, I took his coat off and burst out laughing at my baby's completely on-trend mixed patterns look. With the Deep V in the front and a monkey on his bum, the outfit is runway ready, for sure.

3. Daredevil. I looked up today after only looking down for a bit and saw this. This has happened numerous times this week. I am a mother to a boy.

4. Busting out while nursing. Not me! ;) Ryan's legs. He is a very active nurser, and today it showed.

Okay, now I promise that we are finished with those pajamas.

5. Insta! Insta! Tweet all about it. I finally put Instagram and Twitter buttons on my sidebar! But...they don't look very nice. Could anyone internet-savvy please point me in the direction of a tutorial for ones that look better or how to put custom ones in?

6. A. Rose & Her (A)Musings. One of my dearest and best friends in the whole world has started a blog, and I really think you should stop by! Aubry and I met when we lived in the same dorm at school and pretty much loved each other from the moment we found out that we had the same middle name. We made a pilgrimage to Lourdes together, she helped save me when I was stranded in Rome because of a certain volcano, we lived together for a summer, she did my wedding makeup and gave me a rosary from the Holy Land to have while I went through labor with Ryan. I have met few people with greater fervor for her faith than she has. So if you would like to hear about her (a)musings as she walks the Way of St. James, finishes up life in NYC and generally lives as an awesome person (I mean, come on...she has a pet hedgehog), start following her blog!

7. Baby feet. Those teeny tiny feet in the old ultrasound are now marching around on the beach, in the house, on the grass, in the snow, and they thoroughly love "This Little Piggie." Life is beautiful.