My Advent Wreath

Happy Advent!

Our apartment is currently in chaos and covered with boxes and piles of clothes a baby obstacle course so it will be a while until we have all the bells and whistles twinkling and tempting our curious little destroyer. Nevertheless, I insisted that I at least unearth our Advent wreath to place on our table and to light every night before dinner in anticipation of Christmas.

Both Chris and I grew up with families that had Advent wreaths in the center of our dinner tables, so it wasn't even a question if we would have one. The Christmas before we were married, I opened up a present from my parents to find candle holder and a crystal angel. My mom had included a little note saying that the angel could watch over our new home together and that the candle holder was for our Advent wreath so we could continue the tradition as our own new family. Cue tears.
My mom said they were perfect for us because the candle holder was made in England (Chris grew up there) and the angel was made in Ireland (I think you can guess why this is relevant to us :)).

Last year, we had just moved to South Bend and didn't even have a table for most of December so the wreath was placed on an end table. Newlywed life! I loved it.

This year, we are still using the cheap artificial wreath that I purchased last year to tide us over. I've spruced it up a bit (since it isn't a real spruce...hehe) with little red bows. It may not be the most beautiful wreath in the world, but I like how it makes me think about this time in our lives when we are young, piecing things together and still so happy.

Ryan is a fan of the Advent wreath. 

Please send in your advent wreaths! For Advent, I will be featuring Advent wreaths from my readers on the blog. If you would like to submit yours, please send a photo (or photos!) and a little bit about your family's Advent traditions to cedarsandtinyflowers {at} I hope to post one every day starting on December 2 (the first Sunday of Advent) in addition to my regular posts. Can't wait to read about your wreaths!