My Advent Wreath: Thomas from Identified Catholic

Today's Advent wreath comes from Thomas from Identified Catholic

"This is the second married Advent for my wife and I. Seven years ago, a few months before I met my wife, I converted to Catholcism; I didn't grow up with Advent. I love Advent now and I'm very excited to share it with my children when my wife and I start a family.
Our Advent wreath is a "the two shall be made one" wreath. The inner ring and candle holder belonged to my wife, whereas I bouth the plain, artifical green wreath and the purple and pink ornaments a few years ago.
On Sunday evenings we light the candles and say prayers from a booklet I've put together. Last Sunday we had friends over for dinner and we blessed our wreath, lit the candles, said the prayers, and sang "O Come, O Come Emmannuel." When Christms comes closer, we're going to light the candle every night, pray the "O Antiphons," and sing Advent songs."

I think it is so touching that their wreath includes pieces of their single lives to create one of their own. Thank you, Thomas! 
Please send in your advent wreaths! For Advent, I will be featuring Advent wreaths from my readers on the blog. If you would like to submit yours, please send a photo (or photos!) and a little bit about your family's Advent traditions to cedarsandtinyflowers {at} I hope to post one every day through Advent in addition to my regular posts. Can't wait to read about your wreaths!