My Advent Wreath: Sara

Tonight, I am pleased to share an advent wreath story from my ND guardian angel, Sara. How has she helped me? Let me count the ways...encouraged me to go to ND, recommended me for a nanny job, taught me all about Basilica weddings, and got through on Basilica Monday craziness to reserve our first choice wedding date!

Her wreath this year made me laugh because it is so something that would happen to me! 

"Apparently, a crammed box in a hot attic is not the place to store an Advent Wreath & candles. At least it's a good excuse for me to get new candles--and this time the proper colors instead of hodge-podging it together like I had done with the red candle instead of pink! 

...John and I aren't as great with our wreath as I hope to be once we have kids--but while reading your posts it really has been fun for me to think back on how my family celebrated Advent and the traditions I hope to carry on in the future--and also to think back on John & I's first married winter when the power was knocked out by a crazy winter storm and our Advent wreath was the only light source we had in our house--thankfully my love of leaving Christmas decor up long into the New Year came in handy, since we were able to light the Advent wreath--and learned our lesson about the need to buy flashlights. 

Our Advent Wreath was originally a gift from my mom. Growing up, we did the traditional lighting of the Advent Candles each night before dinner. We had this wonderful little book of Advent Prayers --I'm going to have to find out the name and get my own copy before we have a family of our own--that my sisters and I would argue over reading out loud from before dinner each night to prepare for Jesus' birth. Arguing over who got to blow out the candles after dinner each night is a funny memory wasn't uncommon for one of us sisters to "accidentally" blow too hard and blow out the candle designated for the other one to extinguish." 

Thank you, ND guardian angel for making me chuckle. And your first married winter story is one to tell for years to come. Very symbolic, too, I might add, that the only light source came from the Advent wreath! 

Thank you, Sara! Goooo Irish!