A Last Minute St. Nick's

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!
I was completely surprised that St. Nick left treats for Ryan, me, Chris, Oma and Uncle David ;)

I will be honest: I am NOT on top of my game at all this Advent season. I have not purchased one gift yet on my list. I have not baked one cookie...not even one!! My only accomplishment has been breaking out the Advent wreath and lighting it each night after we pray at dinner. Oh wait, that has only happened one time this week since every day 5, 6, 7, and then 8 o'clock rolls on by, and we realize that the grumbling we hear is coming from our stomachs and not a tricked out car passing by with the bass turned all the way up. Last night, I lit the candle while we continued filling up those endless boxes with endless stuff. Very holy, indeed. This morning after dropping Chris off at work, I realized that it was St. Nick's Day...and I had a "Whoa, I'm a mom," moment  (yes, I still get those 11 months after giving birth) when I realized I was the one who was responsible for slipping little treats into shoes and educating my little one on the generosity and faith of St. Nicholas. 

So I scurried around lifting shoes from closets like a little puppy would and lined them all up nice and neat. We adults were going to get the Lindt Lindor truffles I picked up this morning while Ryan was going to get a delicious mix of red raspberry and green grapes because I am the most fun mom ever, of course. Hey, he inhales those like candy so it's not that lame. 

Okay, okay, it's lame, and I knew it. So I searched for something else in our disarray of an apartment and found this adorable ND hat that Chris picked out last week. Perfect! I was very thankful that my husband who is in the middle of his busy season and working 11+ hour days saved my behind. 

In true baby style, Ryan looked over that plush hat and made a beeline for the sugar-filled choking hazards. Typical. And even more typical: he refused to wear the hat. Chewing it is much more enjoyable, didn't you know? 
So that has been our day so far. Hopefully we can make it to Mass before I prove how (not) strong I am in the box lifting events that will occur later day.
How was your St. Nick's Day?
Please send in your advent wreaths! For Advent, I will be featuring Advent wreaths from my readers on the blog. If you would like to submit yours, please send a photo (or photos!) and a little bit about your family's Advent traditions to cedarsandtinyflowers {at} gmail.com. I hope to post one every day through Advent in addition to my regular posts. Can't wait to read about your wreaths!