What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner

Well now that I am comfortably on my parents' couch and watching football, I'm linking up with Grace over at Camp Patton for What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner. The weather was unseasonably amazing today so instead of the normal wish that I make to be able to take off my chunky sweater after a scrumptious dinner has left me burning up and grabbing napkins to fan myself, I was perfectly comfortable in my short sleeve dress. When you add the fact that the dress was nursing-baby-access friendly and that leggings didn't remind me that I may be eating one piece of pie too many as moving up a belt notch would, I could see this becoming a Thanksgiving uniform.

Dress: ASOS
Leggings: Target
Cami: don't remember!
Belt: from a dress from H&M
Boots: Aldo
Earrings & scarf: borrowed from my sister as usual

Happy Thanksgiving, again!