Thankful for Mama's Milk and Daddy's Shoulders

Ryan's list
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We have been so blessed this year. Off the top of my head (because I need to stop writing and bake!) I am so thankful for our faith, a safe birth, a loving husband for a birth coach, Chris' job so I can stay at home with Ryan, our parents who are the most excited grandparents, our siblings who are obsessed with their nephew, the fact that South Bend is the Irish mecca and brings us visitors, baby laughs, Notre Dame football players and coaches for all of their hard work, a memorable trip to Ireland, my brother's courageous service to our country, nap time, blogs, any baby carrier so I can do things with two hands, La Leche League, our friends who all turn into big soft teddy bears around a chunky baby, our aunts, uncles and cousins, my girl cousins, my new South Bend mom friends, and jarred jellied cranberry sauce. And that is just a small sampling! Off to bake!