No Coats in November

We had dreamy weather on Saturday here in South Bend. High 60s in November definitely merited a family walk along the St. Joseph River without coats and hats. 

A baby boy, his football and his dad (this was moments after I was rejected!)

I termed this weekend as a "Lovefest for Dad" because Ryan just adored Chris. Up until now, I could confidently name myself as Ryan's favorite person in the whole wide world (I am the food lady, after all) with Chris as a close second. However, Ryan actually cried for the first time in his ten months out of the womb when I took him from Chris and reached back for his dear dad! I gasped out of surprise and my heart felt a teensy little jab from the rejection, but the proud and jubilant smile on Chris' face melted that almost instantaneously away. It won't be long before my boys start ganging up on me! 
A baby boy, his football and his mama

The rest of our weekend was spent discussing, watching and dreaming about college football. 10-0 for the Irish! How was your weekend?