Messy Kitchens Unite

Whenever Chris cooks for us, the kitchen is cleaner at the end than it was before he even started cooking. He finds the challenge of ending up with a clean kitchen more fun than the actual cooking itself. When I cook? It always ends up like this:
The status of my kitchen in the middle of cooking a meal. CrΓͺpe pan and empty jug on the floor courtesy of my cabinet explorer aka Ryan.
Counters and stove covered with the sink full. Baking sheets on top of pans. Plus milk and cereal on the counter from my mid-cooking snack (am I the only one who does that? Eat while cooking? Not the best habit...). I just somehow manage to use almost every bowl, pot and pan in our kitchen while cooking up a meal for three adults and one baby! And you might ask, "Katrina, isn't this because you have someone hugging your ankles all the time? And getting into everything?" 
My aforementioned cabinet explorer with a monkey on his bottom

Sadly, no. I have been this way since way before my kitchen buddy came along. Chris can tell you many stories of the mountains of mess I would create while cooking up a storm in his apartment when we were dating. So while Ryan having a death grip on my knee at the sink with smoke coming from the stove has lead to many funny scenes of me stre-e-e-e-tching to move the pan off the burner while still being a pillar to hold on to patient mom, it was this bad before him. Well, let me give myself some credit: before I didn't host a one-baby band on the floor who specializes in percussion music via shortening tubs and tablespoons. 
Any other people create storms in their kitchens while cooking? 

*No worries, whatever is on the floor is washed before I use it.