Honk, Honk!

Every week Ryan and I make the six block walk to the library for story time. Story time is also known as Ryan-crawls-or-cruises-everywhere-while-the-other-babies-sit-nicely. Regardless, the librarian is genuinely sweet and dedicated, we enjoy it, and Ryan always leaves ready for a nap.

Last week, we checked out our loot of board books and toys (our library is awesome and lets you check out toys!) for the week and began our trek home. The crisp air greeted us as we exited the library doors so I hustled down the sidewalk.

"Honk!" I heard a car shout.

"Honk!" again.

"Well, that was pretty dramatic for South Bend traffic," I thought to myself as I waited at a stop sign with Ryan now breathing softly while he napped in the baby carrier.

I decided to switch the walk home up a bit and took a right rather than keep going straight. "Good morning!" a lady greeted me as I passed her. I smiled after I replied as I thought about how friendly the Midwest is. My phone started vibrating so I glanced down to see, "Christopher Blake" on the screen. (!!!) I still get excited when I see that he is calling me. Cheesy, right? Love that guy.

He asked me about the library, and, of course, I take that as my cue to start recounting Ryan's every movement during our fifty minutes of story time fun.


I kept going on with my story.


"Well, maybe the Midwest isn't that friendly today!" I thought right as Chris says, "Hey, you look cute wearing a baby." I turned around to see my husband smirking at me from inside our car. The honking culprit.

I guess the Midwest was being friendly after all. And no wonder my heart still leaps when I see that honking culprit's name pop up on my phone.