Good Luck, Aunt Ashley!

A little note from Ryan to his Aunt Ashley who has a big test in med school tomorrow:
Hey Aunt Ashley,

I am not supposed to touch the keyboard so this will have to brief. I am so mischievous!! I know that you have been studying so hard for this test of yours tomorrow. I think that it is great that you are so dedicated and are following your dream of being a pediatrician so you can take care of little ones like me. I can't wait for other kids to call you Dr. Ashley...but I won't because you will always be my Aunt Ashley. Is that okay with you? I'm pretty lucky, aren't I? 

I hear Mama coming!!! 


P.S. Come back to visit me, please. Mama will make Skyline (Daddy says it is gross, but Mama says that it is awesome...).

P.P.S. Remember when Mom wrote this on your birthday when I was still in her belly? 
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Happy Birthday, Aunt Ashley!


Well, I don't know who taught her to type. I definitely just said, "Happy Birthday, Aunt Ashley!" Sigh. I don't know if she understands me...she is always cuddling with me when I want to be active! It is like we speak different languages.