7 Quick Takes (Volume 2)

Time for some 7 Quick Takes! Happy Friday!

- 1 - 
Still not over it 19 years later. Last Saturday, we watched the Notre Dame - Boston College game (we won!), and the commentators kept trying to liven things up a bit since the game definitely lacked spark. They mentioned the 1993 match up when Boston College ended Notre Dame's undefeated season and road to the national championship on a last second field goal. Chris looked at Ryan and confessed that he cried after watching that game at the ripe old age of seven. I facetiously asked, "So you were upset?" 

"I was upset...I'm still upset."
And he was serious.
- 2 - 
Never too late to take wedding photos. I read a story this week about a couple who had the opportunity to finally get their wedding photos taken...after 88 years of marriage!  Best wishes! 

- 3 - 

What Mom sees is different than what Dad sees. Check out this meme that accurately shows the difference between a mom's view and a dad's view. Daredevils. 

- 4 - 

A trail of onion peels. Hansel and Gretel left a trail of bread crumbs. Sweet baby Ryan leaves a trail of onion peels. Hmmm. Guess it is time to move the onions.
.- 5 - 
Frozen KitKats. I grew up enjoying KitKats because, well, because my nickname was in it! I ignored the fact that I found them to be kind of mediocre. Until I threw the bag of candy (that Ryan got into as you can see below) into the freezer and then tried a frozen KitKat one pre-Halloween candy binge later. Try it! You won't be disappointed.

- 6 - 
Typing one-handed. A peek at how I blog. Thank you, naptime.

- 7 - 
Senior Day. Tomorrow is senior day for the Notre Dame football team and students. You can watch this primer if you would like to get goosebumps or possibly shed a tear or two (or too many to count, like I did). Go Irish!