7 Quick Takes (Volume 1)

This will be my first time participating in the 7 Quick Takes link-up. Here goes nothing:
- 1 - 
GO IRISH! Tomorrow night. 8pm. Notre Dame at Boston College. 
My boys watching ND videos and highlights

- 2 - 
South Bend residents. We have now been South Bend residents for one whole year...what?! And, to be honest, it has been a pretty darn nice place to live. Thanks for the year, SB. 

- 3 - 
Baby morning enthusiasm. This photo displays the level of of excitement our baby was at this morning all five seconds after he woke up. There is no gradual wake up with sleepy, giant yawns in the mornings for Ryan. "It's a new day! It's a new day!"
My enthusiastic alarm clock that does not come with a snooze button

- 4 - 
Futile explanations.  I was washing the high chair tray and explaining how it is important to keep it  clean, get rid of bacteria, yada yada when I turned around to see Ryan banging on the trashcan. 

- 5 - 
Naan. I tried my hand at making naan for the first time this week! It actually turned out pretty delicious for an Indian food rookie, but I don't think I will be making it again until I have a cast iron skillet because it was the first thing that has stuck to my non-stick pan. 

- 6 - 
Dinosaurs. While perusing the board book selection at the library this week, I found ABC Dinosaurs and promptly added it to my pile for my husband. Yes, my husband, not my baby. You see, when he was little, he was obsessed with dinosaurs. Total dinosaur nerd. My little paleontologist wannabe. Anyway, when I saw the book I thought, "Hmmm, I want to see how many dinosaurs Chris will be able to name in this book." I was actually really excited about this. I know, I know...my definition of entertainment is thrilling! We went through the book later that evening, and it turns out that the book seems to be intended for the extreme dinosaur nerds...or as Chris said, "This is ridiculous!" Ever heard of the Gargoyleosaurus? How about the Huayangosaurus? So it turns out that the book wasn't good at boosting my husband's ego concerning dinosaur knowledge, but at least Ryan likes the pictures. After we went through the book, Chris and I challenged each other to a dinosaur naming duel. Chris won, but I held my own. Thank you, Land Before Time I-II-infinity  and made-for-TV Dinotopia circa 2002.

- 7 - 
GO IRISH! I was in the mood for a GO IRISH! quick takes sandwich.