Praise from a Nursing Lion Cub

Last week, Chris' department threw a Halloween party for all of the employees' children. I was so impressed by it. Chris' coworkers went all out! I thank God every day that my husband works for such a family friendly employer. 

Fast forward to later in the evening. I had taken Ryan's costume off when I had changed his diaper so he was no longer the fierce lion with a thick mane that he had been an hour before. We laid down on the bed to nurse, and my mind drifted as I pondered what to make for dinner and how many loads of laundry had piled up. After a few minutes, Ryan pushed himself up, sat his bottom down, straightened up, and promptly began to clap fervently!  

Well! If that didn't melt my heart, the presence of his little whiskers and lion nose that still decorated his plump little face finished the job.
My sweet, praising lion cub.

Do you have any sweet or funny stories from Halloween?