Defying Gravity

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. In Ryan’s case, we mean this in the most literal case.

Ever since he was a few months old, we have played the game, “Defying Gravity.” It’s quite simple.  When the board books have been read through for the 10th time,  the weather isn’t cooperating and all of the toys have lost their brightness we normally look at each other with perplexed faces and think, “Well, what now?”

Examples of Ryan's, "What now?" face

That is when we pull up YouTube, search for the Rachel Tucker version of  “Defying Gravity”, and press play. Every time Rachel sings, “Defyyyyiiiing graaavityyy!” Ryan goes high up in the air! The whole song. Giggles abound, smiles shine and Mama gets a workout. A perfect pick me up.

Defying gravity on Mama's legs and giving her arms a break!

Do you have any affinity for the song, "Defying Gravity?" How about silly pick-me-ups? 

P.S. “Defying Gravity” was kind of the theme song of the apartment this summer. At least twice a day you could hear this song filling up our home. And no, I was not always the one pressing play. And yes, I lived with three adult males and one baby.

P.P.S. I’m partial to Rachel Tucker singing this live because she was the actress playing Elphaba when Chris, his Aunt Marie and I saw Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London. The version posted is from just a few weeks before we saw it. Every time I watch this version I think of that fabulous trip with my sweet fiancé and Aunt Marie.