A Quote to Start.

When I sat down to write my admissions essays as a senior girl in high school, this prompt on the University of Notre Dame application stared back at me:

“2. St. Thérèse of Lisieux wrote in Story of a Soul, ‘The sun shines equally both on cedars and on every tiny flower.’ She reminds us that beauty can be found in the great and the small, in the extraordinary and the mundane. Show us the magnificence of the simple in your life.”
On a little pilgrimage to Lisieux, France in February 2010

Now, as a wife, mother and woman, I turn to that same beautiful quote as the inspiration for this blogging endeavor.  I hope you enjoy this peek into my family’s day-to-day happenings as I share the splendor of the cedars in our life right along with the magnificence of the tiny flowers. And so, from my family to yours:

Welcome to Cedars and Tiny Flowers.  

Our family tailgating at the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game