The 411 on number 4

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^^^ Big sister on top of ??? on Easter Sunday. 

We are so grateful to be expecting our fourth child. It is kind of mind boggling to me because I guess I had some lofty ideal in my head imagining that a mother of many (and I definitely consider four to qualify as many) is chock full of wisdom yet here I am, lost as always. But, I'm ever so happy to be lost in the mystery of parenting so maybe there is some wisdom in my contentment? Let's hope!

The baby is due in October so Conor thinks he is quite the cool cat to get to share a birthday month. We won't be finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl because we are boring and old fashioned, no surprise there. The boys are pulling for a girl so Elise has a sister like they have each other, but another little brother would be pretty amazing. After Elise's pregnancy, my sister shared with Chris that she knew it was a girl because I had been so mean the past nine months (which isn't to say that girls are mean, just that I wasn't as mean during my pregnancies with the boys so it was something different!!). Anyway, my meanness this time around has easily surpassed that of Elise's pregnancy and I think bacon is disgusting just like Elise's pregnancy so ... those are my only clues this baby is a girl. But that's pretty nitpicky, isn't it?

I'm all about the savory foods which isn't any different from normal; tater tots, mashed potatoes, rice and egg and soy sauce, creamy pasta, give me all of it. My food aversions were strong and ever-changing during the first trimester (pizza was a no, the scent of vanilla made me gag, cumin also was a no-go), but I count myself as lucky, lucky, lucky that I don't get morning sickness. The little snack size fresh mozzarella from Costco saved me during the first trimester, but come on, I definitely ate no less than three snack packs at a time. I get shrimp yellow curry, no onions, level 3 from Cambodian Thai downtown at least two times a month, and I splurge on honey crisp apples. 

This has definitely been my hardest pregnancy in terms of hormones and anxiety and not releasing the crazy every minute (I was going to write every hour, but let's be real ... every minute), and well into the second trimester, exhaustion ruled me which made running the shop interesting. 

Putting the hormones aside, this pregnancy just glows with a little extra something all because of the older three. I cannot even describe how full my heart is to have a five year old while pregnant. Ryan has been excitement personified and truly gets it, and thus, the younger two follow suit. Ever since we told them about their sibling, they hug my belly each night and give the baby peace at Mass, unprompted. Ryan and Conor threw out their knowledge of hi's and hello's in exchange for the greeting, "My mom has a baby in her belly!" to whomever they came across. I often get so down about the bickering and the unruliness and the whining and how inconsistent I am as a parent, and I constantly think about what I'm doing wrong as parent. However, when I see our children putting their faces to my belly, whispering (or shouting), "LOVE YOU, BABY!" I know out of many stumbles and falls, we are at least doing one thing right. 

^^^ The day we found out about Baby Harrington

^^^ maternity photos by Ryan

^^^ Baby's first Edith Stein Project! 

^^^ first Pilates-barre class inspired by the fittest pregnant woman to ever live. 

^^^ everyone came for the first midwife appointment! I love it. 

^^^ Big brother & Baby & a popped button