Thursday Takes

1) ^^^ This girl hid our cordless mouse that goes to our computer, and it was missing the whole day until I found it with the diapers. Obviously she was sending me a message to actually carry out my new "do not touch the computer when you are in charge of the kids" rule. Anyway! Better get these quick takes up before she stuffs it away again.

2) I don't mean to brag, but Chris has perfected a subtle smokey eye ... from a boxing spar. I'm sure when he enters the boxing ring, his intention is not to leave looking like he is better at applying eye shadow than I (which is really not a huge feat), but that is exactly what happened the night before we left San Diego. Check it out:

3) That photo is from our flight back to the Midwest. I will be so sad when we stop being pampered by the combination of the academic calendar and cheap flights. This year we spent two whole months with my in-laws. It breaks my heart that the kids and Chris' siblings don't get to grow up along side each other as neighbors so those two months were cherished, toddler fights and sickness and all (we were the worst house guests ever and brought a stomach bug that hit everyone like dominoes). 

^^^ the four little boys on Christmas morning

4) I've also noticed the kids relate best to books so I'm looking for recommendations for chapter books and picture books with strong, loyal sibling relationships. It always pains me to think about brother combinations such as Mufasa and Scar or Cain and Abel (am I really referencing Disney and the Bible in the same sentence?) as examples for them. I think we are about to start The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with Ryan. 

5) To go along with my new no computer rule, I really want the kids to see me reading independently more. The first few years of motherhood were very pathetic in terms of reading, only kept afloat by the occasional book club meeting. Rather than lament over those years of lost literary opportunity, I'm resolved to put more books on hold at the library so all I have to do is pick them up rather than take three loud children through the quiet areas of the library. 

6) Elise is pretty much weaned from using me as a lovey during the day after a winter break of me wearing turtlenecks or buttoning my shirt to the tippy top. It's a fashion statement. A fashion statement for sanity! 

7) In shop news, I changed things up and released a blue mug, and I love it. They are currently sold out (God is good!), but I can't wait to get my hands on more.